Pope Francis

Pope Francis. I pray for for him from all my hart to succeed in convincing people that love and inclusiveness “Is The Way”.

Even though, I don’t side with the organized religion for the same reasons I don’t side with any political parties, I’m impressed on the effort Pope Francis makes to straight our twisted current ways, all focussed on short term and small group gains. He does need all the help from God and us all to succeed, because what he fights is almost impossible to fight, to convince people to balance their focus to include more of the long term impact of their actions and and full societal (Earth level) wealth. In this case I see wealth as more (way more) than just money…


Just finished reading “The Narcissist Next Door” by Jeffrey Kluger

I’ve started reading the book before the US elections started. Now after I’ve finished it I seem to get a better understanding of the current dynamics of the campaign as I’m looking at it from a new perspective. If you wonder what’s going on just read the first few pages on amazon.com (those are free) and yes I recommend you buy it and read it if you are a US citizen. I think it will pay off.

I have the feeling that “Mr. Dobbs” will once again get very close to the high office and for the same reason… 🙂

RIP: John Nash, another “Beautiful Mind” gone

John Nash and his wife Alicia have died in a car accident.
I’ve learned about Jon Nash and his accomplishments in mathematics and game theory from the Hollywood movie “A Beautiful Mind” as many other of us.
That is why I’ll use some of the scenes I found favorite and touching. Of course the movie introduce images of actions which never happened exactly like that in the reality, but that is not the point. The point is to make the deep thoughts this man acquired about our reality available to all of us, a window and a chance to understand them and to help build better lives for each of us.

The scene from the movie where Nash gets the idea about effects of collaborative actions in the game theory or “Nash Equilibrium”

The “Pen ceremony” (didn’t really happen but is a touching event in the movie)

And The Real Jon Nash

My hero from law enforcement business

After (re) awakening to a crude reality of the injustice in the justice system, finally a break, one giving us hope, hope that we can hold our humanity high in most dreading conditions.

I’m saying re-awakening since I’ve seen first hand, back in the communist regime of Romania, what the injustice of the justice can be, and one of the reasons I’ve emigrated to Canada was the better justice system the occidental countries built over time. I still believe (or hope) I was not wrong.

Please view (or review) this CNN article and video on a US Richmond
Officer Jesse Kidder which did the right thing and shown a high regard for life in distress. This shows that officers do not have jobs like all of us. They have dangerous jobs which outline this: not any person can or should be a first line officer holding a gun and ready to take lives. We need people which can and will put their own life on the line to save another no matter if that entity cooperates or not. Second, for this type of high stake job I totally subscribe to pay these people much better. I want to know that when an officer points the gun at me (hopefully never) that he or she will only be motivated by high morale stakes and not by the need to “make a quota” for the day or simply chicken out or even worse “snap” an my (temporary) bad behaviour or mental state.

Unfortunately we see more and more evidence of some officers taking the stance of a “Rambo” or “Judge Dredd” type of characters, which tend to take short cuts and be all the justice system at once, (Cop,  Judge, Jury, and Executioner) all in a fraction of a second. This is a best recipe for disasters on both sides, as I’m sure you can’t take a life without being impacted. Someone being able to do so is a mental disordered killer having no place in this society let aside police.

I was stunned to see “experts” called by CNN to weight in on Officer Jesse bold action, saying he should have shot that person! This is scary, really scary, that these type of thoughts can exists in the minds of the people which you’d expect to cherish life as they market themselves as “life protectors”. Think of why all the Police cruisers have (or had at some point) the slogan “to serve and protect“? On that register I’d suggest making the slogan more precise as in “to serve and protect all life“. How about that? I’d be more than happy to have well paid high morale person working to protect life instead of the narrow view of “law enforcement”. I’m saying that because we have too much history of laws which were (and some are today) morally wrong which only serve narrow interests of the few being able to sweep those laws under the scrutiny of the overall society.

Until now we have been technically unable to solve those issues, as they need mastering a very difficult form of communication, the “many to many” case. Yet with the rise of the new information technologies we can now address this issue frontally and choose to build a better future!


My today’s Hero Kaci Hickox and all frontline workers on Ebola

Kaci Hickox

A nurse, front line worker, who treated Ebola patients in Africa was put in isolation for 21 days in conditions close to the ones in a prison, because of our collective irrational fear.

CBS News Article and Huffingtonpost article

This irrational fear acted and reacted in many ways and as with any fear, it will only hurt us all on long term. So, why governor Cristie put Kaci in prison? Because he’s a rough politician? I’d say he did it as a response to the average street level citizen (like myself) who rushes to conclusions and uses ignorance instead of knowledge, to “demand action”, that’s it, “do something” we say, and politicians which are fearful of loosing their power (and being most likely as ignorant as any of us) rush to take populist decisions which in the end will hurt us all. So, in a nutshell we kick out own asses!

Hooray for the ignorance! Now all front line workers will thing more than twice, before going to battle the invisible enemies which we fight for long time. Next all people travelling from places where outbreaks happen will, take their chance and lie to avoid being treated as criminals and that my friends, is not going to make us safer.

Maybe, just maybe, we should pause and think. THINK DAMN IT! Before panicking. And… let’s get out of that TSS (Temporary Stupid State) we all find ourselves in, from time to time!

To the bureaucrats who took this decision, a suggestion, please subject yourself to the same conditions as you imposed to those people! I would normally include caring for an Ebola patient first, but it would be in vain, so just do the quarantine and use a tent to do your daily necessities. We will watch…

Kaci, Thank you!

To all workers putting themselves in harms ways for all of us, Thank you!