Pope Francis

Pope Francis. I pray for for him from all my hart to succeed in convincing people that love and inclusiveness “Is The Way”.

Even though, I don’t side with the organized religion for the same reasons I don’t side with any political parties, I’m impressed on the effort Pope Francis makes to straight our twisted current ways, all focussed on short term and small group gains. He does need all the help from God and us all to succeed, because what he fights is almost impossible to fight, to convince people to balance their focus to include more of the long term impact of their actions and and full societal (Earth level) wealth. In this case I see wealth as more (way more) than just money…


What really matters, Have you found joy in your life? Have your life brought joy to others?

We ask ourselves at least once in our lives why are we here and what really matters. There are rivers of written words on this subject so I’d hate to add more stuff on it. But I found this explanation in an unusual palace and it stuck with me. I’d like to share it as it wormed my hart and gave me a direction in the jungle of life.

In the movie “The Bucket List” Morgan Freeman’s middle class character asks Jack Nicholson’s rich character two questions. He says that “The ancient Egyptians had a beautiful belief about death, when their soul got to the entry to heaven the God asked them two questions. Their answers to the questions determined if they were admitted or not. The questions were:
— Have you found Joy in your life?  
— Have your life brought joy to others?

Just finished reading “The Narcissist Next Door” by Jeffrey Kluger

I’ve started reading the book before the US elections started. Now after I’ve finished it I seem to get a better understanding of the current dynamics of the campaign as I’m looking at it from a new perspective. If you wonder what’s going on just read the first few pages on amazon.com (those are free) and yes I recommend you buy it and read it if you are a US citizen. I think it will pay off.

I have the feeling that “Mr. Dobbs” will once again get very close to the high office and for the same reason… 🙂

On the cutting edge

Parsers are the those components of the computer world which makes communication with computers possible by using a language.

WARNING! Only for what most of people call “nerds”… Dr. Parr presenting his ANTLR4 parser in this video.

The interesting but not so unexpected is that this video has ~7000 views in ~1 year. If you want to see what most of us consider “main stream” please check the videos with the largest amount of hits.
By considering the Youtube “hits” as an indicator of “quality” one my be easily confused…

Huge Romanian Talent discovered at 57 years old

A 57 years financial advisor from Iasi Romania has an incredible voice for a non professional.
Same huge surprise as with Susan Boyle but at the “Romanians have Talent” show.
It really makes me proud as I was born not so far away from Iasi.

First time audition , the big surprise



And of course Susan 47 years old …

Good inspiration I hope for a lot of people to never loose faith, is never to late for your best for what you love…