Ignorance begets confidence, what is “smart ignorant”

Did you ever observed that smart people (I mean really smart ones not fakers) will never say “I’m sure of…” this or that? Why is that?

Charles Darwin seem to come to a conclusion as he may have said:

“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.”

Here is a simple explanation, which describes the phenomena of the knowledge horizon. Imagine that all your knowledge is represented as the interior of a circle and the “unknown” as what lies outside of it. However you can’t “see” outside of the circle, the only thing you see is the “margin” or “perimeter” of the circle. Anyone can “see” that there is “something” they do not know by measuring the “perimeter” of the circle.

Now, here is the funny part. As you increase your knowledge, you have more information to store in your “circle”. To store more you need to increase the diameter of the circle but if you do so you will increase automatically its perimeter. So, the more you know the more “unknown” you may be aware of. Unless you hit “the wall of all there is to know”, which to my current knowledge never happened, you’ll always know that there is potentially more than you do not know than what you know.

Another important clue is your focus on the known or unknown. People who advance their knowledge are the ones which focus on “the whole” circle both the interior of the circle (the known) or the perimeter “the unknown”. Focusing only on the known will end in a stagnation of knowledge process and create “smart ignorant” people (yes, there is such ting).

So, it is impossible to be “humble” and say that “I know it all” at the same time because you really don’t know it all. The focus on knowledge only and avoiding the unknown is also opposite to “humble” and  generates the phenomena I described above, the “smart ignorant” type.

Well, but there are a lot of people asserting that “they are sure” of things. Are they all ignorant? I think not. I guess too many times we are forced by the social pressure to behave as “we know it all” because most of us do not realize this simple principle of the “knowledge horizon” and push for “perfection” and people freak-out and give up and assert over confidence. The other explanation is that when people assert that “I’m sure of..” they actually fail to give a more precise expression “I’m sure of … with this error level” assuming the rest of us already know what they wish to say.

What can we as a group take out of this idea? We need to stop asking people to be “perfect” at all cost as no one is rally perfect. Pushing for perfection we will get in fact more imperfection wrapped in “perfect superficiality” or more blunt put BS.

In the end we are served with BS because we ask for it! (My article Fact Fiction and BS has some explanation on this…)

America is choosing, “Blue Pill” or “Red Pill”, explaining the Trump phenomena

Morpheus: “This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill , you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.Remember all I’m offer you is the truth and nothing more…
Morpheus: The pill you took is a part of a trace program is designed to disrupt your input output carrier program so we can pinpoint your location.”
Neo: “What does that mean?”
Cipher:It means buckle your sit belt Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye-bye!

Blue or Red Pill?the_pill

Buckle your sit belt Dorothy, cause Kansas goes by-bye…cipher

The next day…next

I’m a Canadian. Why should I care about who the US citizens will give the power to? Well, maybe because even though I can’t vote for the most powerful person on earth I will (like most of the people living outside US) will definitely be impacted by this choice.

Let me explain what I felt as I was watching this spectacle. Do you remember the aviation disaster with the Germanwings flight 9525 ? When they listened on the cockpit recording, they could hear the screams of the passengers, which become fully aware they only had minutes before their Kansas went bye-bye. I think many of us, non US citizens, though living close to US may have felt that night. The truth is that we really have no idea if this means we are now flying our 9525 yet. I surely hope we didn’t, but how did we get here in the first place? Here is my take on this It started a long time ago with another German artifact, the Berlin wall …

What does the rise of Mr. Trump has to do with the fall of the eastern socialist block? Well, if you go even more back in time, people like Mr. Trump, in the eastern part of the world, found themselves in their own 9525 sort of speaking, when communism took Russia by storm. As a consequence, the western counterparts got scared, very scared and they suddenly realized they needed a wall. Well, not the Berlin kind, but a human one. A wall they could use to defend themselves, if the same phenomena would happen in their own countries. So they “took it easy” and allowed the middle class to grow and flourish. That proved to be a smart decision. The middle class people are usually floating around the center.  They usually do not shallow any blue or red pills. This makes the middle class a formidable wall against extreme behaviors. That was a good plan, as much as it lasted, until that Berlin wall fell…

Well, its all figurative, but all those events are part of a bigger “flow” of events each linked to each other.  When the communist block fell there was no mental counterbalance for power welding people in the west. Their fear subsided and the regular greed started to prevail in their minds. On top of that, two more new phenomena become more important each day, globalization and automation and they destabilized even more the already fragile balance of power between the social classes (the micro balance of power).


For many, this simply means that you loose your well paid job, to create a dozen of stupendously low paid jobs somewhere else on the globe. How is this possible? Because most of the people today have no way to efficiently communicate to other people on the globe. As such “divide and conquer” principles are easy to be used to kill wellness in both places, here and there, all imposed by a “dog eats dog” like market based competition.

On the other hand, if globalization means that all of us are able to freely communicate and exchange information and ideas then globalization would be ideal, yet that is not true so far.


When W. Ford started to build his cars he invented the assembly line. He also paid well his employees, well enough that they could afford to buy his cars. This new approach put out of business many of his competitors who still believed in “craftsmanship”. Each car being unique and the soul of the craftsman poured into it, was not enough to compete against highly efficient production process created by Ford. And that lasted for a while. It lasted until the computers and their close relatives robots and automated production lines were invented. And so the Ford’s assembly line looses its humans.

The problem with automation is that every job on earth can be automated.Every single one!.

Don’t lie to yourself hopping it will pass, because it won’t. The fact you can’t imagine how what you do can be done by a machine it does not mean others can’t.

So, if all jobs can be automated, let’s think of the extreme case when indeed all jobs are automated.

This means that no one other than the few very wealthy people will actually have a job and in income, all other will have none.

No job no money, no money no buy. Then why to produce anything in the first place?

More, if no one can buy, money will loose their value, and the wealthy will loose their wealth (monetary) instantly! WTF then? Well simply put, you can’t automate this type of society without killing it.

Now imagine that the business granularity is at the individual level, meaning that you are a business entity and you are SELF SUFFICIENT via computers and automation.

Suddenly the automation turns from a nightmare to a dream!

You have no job, but you don’t care as much time as you can ensure all your wellness by using your own symbiotic machines to live your life anywhere, on Earth on Mars, or in the deep space. More, you are your own master, you are independent you are free! …

So, is Globalization and Automation good or bad?

Well, I’d say they are what we make them to be. But so far in this early stages, we managed to uses them to hurt ourselves…

In one of my previews articles around a year ago I was warning about this phenomena by comparing it to one of the American movies called “The man of the year”. The fresh funny talking showman Mr. Dubbs getting elected president by a fluke of a computer. I don’t think Mr. Trump got elected by a fluke of a computer, but I do believe he got elected by a human fluke.

It was clear to me that the fall of the Easter block plus computers leading to globalization and automation will create the right conditions for more and more people to loose their hope, and when the hope goes all sorts of extremes can creep in.

I think Mr. Trump is a smart and cunning business man who felt that there is an opportunity and he took it.

Mr. Trump said these days “I won” and yes this is what happened fair and square. However my warning, is not to think that this is a regular win. Mr. Trump needs to analyze exactly what this “win” means, as I believe he sits on top of a explosive human situation, which can go off at any moment, endangering many lives in both US and all over the globe.

To summarize:

Mr. Trump got on top of a wave, which probably he and no one else may truly understand. Surfing the wave will be probably be a smarter thing than try to oppose it frontally.

Globalization and Automation can lead to our salvation or our destruction, let’s try to get the right pill this time, and keep in mind that there are many other “pills” of may other colors out there!

I believe in the future, I believe in the human race, I believe in each of us being self sustainable and I believe we can be a better global society.  We only need to stop and ask “why” until asking “why” has no meaning, to be curious to put ourselves in the other people shoes.

Because life is worth living!

Fact, Fiction and BS

How to distinguish between fact and fiction then fight the lies and BS in your life…

If you check out the latest in the world of politics its impossible not to feel a big butterfly flapping its wings in hour belly no matter in what side of the political arena are you at the moment.

We are inundated and practically drawn in information hitting us at the speed of light from all directions and we all have the feeling that most of it is simply BS meant to pull us to one side or another of a conversation which most of the time makes little sense and even more, you have no idea how all this will impact your life in the future. “Most likely in a negative way” you think if you are the “half empty kind of person” positive if not and yes most of us are simply confused most of the time.

Most of the confusion comes straight out of our inability to discern between fact and fiction and yes we can smell it but can’t really put our finger on it, the regular BS, the one you smell, when let’s say some sales person picture the products they try to shove your throat and  take your hard earned money then vanish beyond your ability to ever meet them again. At least with sales you know (and possible respect) that most of them must make a living, as you do, put food on their table and they are pushed by their businesses to make more profit ant any human cost. Of course we all have a job and probably there is a sales person (if you are not one of them) which you need to thank that you can take your hard earned money home twice a month if you work for an organization bigger than your own basement.

But then there is the big BS, the one which is simply there to damage you, your reputation your life, used as a weapon against you and the entire society by some few BS experts (some people call these artists but I think it is wrong, artists create fiction not BS).

It is hard to exactly tell how much damage the confusion generated by BS creates at the social level, but I feel its impact is huge. If so, can we do something about it? I’ve studied this issue for some time now and found that before the age of computers, (the things we now can have and tuck in our pocket) there was no real solution, however now we do have a chance to fight against BS and give ourselves the gift of being able to distinguish between fact and fiction and reduce if not eliminate the BS from the world.

So, well, how do we do this?

First we need to be able to distinguish between fact and fiction. To be able to do so we need to clearly understand what fact and fiction are. You may believe you know, but please stay with me for a while and I may change your understanding of what they actually are (at least in the context of this article).

The definition of facts.

A fact is any piece of information created by a sensor of any kind measuring one or more parameters, from a well defined position in space-time and whose content can be undoubtedly be authenticated by a quorum of “witnesses”  at any moment in time and space after the measurement point (space-time) upon request.

Once the definition of fact is clear the notion of fiction is simply created by exclusion.

Any information which is not fact is fiction!

OK, good, but then what is BS? In this context BS is linked how the fictional information is used to influence human minds.

BS is fiction disguised as fact and used to manipulate human minds mostly to engage in what I define “destructive competition“.

Yeah, I know that is darn mouth full and probably may have confused the heck out of yo, yet it contains all the “requirements” for distinguishing the fact from fiction and allow for required devices to be built in order to actually make it reality. Let’s try bring that awful definition down to our world.

I believe that both factual and fictional information is valuable.

I love fiction and I trust facts.

Fiction is an essential process by which our minds “test” the future (in a wilder version creates it) in order to define the present. Without it we would not be able to exists, we must always “guess the future” by using intuition (which is a form of fiction) to be able to do even the simplest tasks. In technical terms this is called “feed-before” as opposed to “feedback” which is reacting to events. Just to make my point imagine you are a boxer and you can only “react” to the punches of the adversary, it would be for sure a short fight…

Only when certain minds try to disguise the fiction as fact, the fiction tuns in BS as a would be reverse alchemy process turns gold to shit, sorry for the expression but is an excellent analogy generating a mental image of what BS is.

Unfortunately the reverse alchemy of BS is sometimes, or maybe too many times a unconscious process. Without fighting hard against BS we can all generate too much of it and in time risk drown into it. This is even more obvious these days when we can generate more information than ever, yet the average person is basically unable to process almost any of it. On top of that, the digital information is notorious for how easy is it to be changed without living a trace. And this is a heaven for BS.

These days you can easily find on the internet pictures or movies which are almost impossible to tell if they were actually the originals the video sensor captured from the reality or were tinkered with. Some changes are subtle and technical in nature as changing the contrast luminosity of the picture, other are more insidious but kind of benign, like erasing pimples from your face, eliminating the “red eye flash” or even “thinning” your middle a bit to make you look better (at least to today’s standards). But then there are those changes which if used in justice may incriminate you without a cause like adding your face in a porn scene or depicting you smocking crack. The image editing tools are getting better and better and already is just a matter of time to create a perfect “fake”.

When it comes to justice (or injustice via the justice system) some ill minds can use the system in their advantage in order to damage you, your life and the life of your beloved ones. By using BS in computers any of us are exposed to the digital bulling via skewed justice systems.

Why are facts defined as only the information we capture via sensors, and what is a sensor anyway?

If you pull your smart phone out of your pocket and take a look at what “sensors” are available you’ll probably find the following:

  • Sound sensor (the mike of your phone)
    Those sensors measure the movements of a thin membrane which is moved back and fourth by the air around the phone. When we speak, or there is sound around the phone, vibrations of the air are creating variation in pressure on the mike’s membrane sides. The membrane then moves with the sound and transmits that movement to an electronic subsystem converting the movement in electric currents. The amplitude of the membrane movement is converted proportionally in voltage or current. Next a digital subsystem measure this electric value (voltage or current) and generates a series of numbers at equal time intervals. Each number is represented by using a number of bits, and the more bits per number the best the “quality” of the sound. In a regular phone 12 to 16 bits are used. A bit is simply the basic unit of digital information is a ‘0’ or ‘1’ or maybe ‘true’ or ‘false’ or ‘exists’ or ‘not exists’ kind of thing. These bits have no “smell” no weight, you can’t see them directly they are just darn simple numbers! And numbers can be changed without living a trace unless we can do something about that! (see further down this article).
  • Video sensor (your camera)
    The video sensor works in principle in the same way (from fact/fiction perspective). The light is sampled by an array of microscopic sensors each sensor generating a number representing the intensity of the light it measured at a moment in time. For the same location (x,y) (top,down) on the array there are three sensors “specialized” for Red, Green and Blue spectral domains. The sensor generates an image which from digital perspective is the same kind of string of “bits” as in the case of the sound sensor, the difference is that the image sensors generate way more data in the same time interval and how we interpret the bit string is different. Yet again those bits can be changes without living a trace!
  • The GPS
    The GPS measures your position on the surface of the earth and gives you a stream of three coupled numbers (longitude, latitude, height from sea level)
  • Accelerometer
    Generates measures and provides a stream of three numbers representing the acceleration your phone has as you handle it on three directions (x,y,z). As with the other sensors same digital bit representation same fake-ability issue.
  • Magnetic sensor
    Also a tri-axial (x,y,z) stream of numbers measuring he magnetic field strength around your phone. Same digital issues as with all other sensors.

So, all the sensors you have in any device around you (smart phone, tablet, computer, watch etc) all have the same problem. They generate bit streams which are fake-able once they exit the sensor chip. Even worse, once the information is stored in your phone’s memory it can be “attacked” by malicious software executing on your phone or when you publish pictures or video via public sites that information is stored in those server memories (disk, etc) and are accessible to be changed by few but not zero amount of people.

This means that ALL the information currently generated by the any of our digital sensors can be subject of modification by ourselves or other people for various reasons. Clearly some information may be more valuable than other and its value can change in time. To get a sense of that just look at the 2016 US election drama and see how information was used to attack the each opponent. Also see how video from cell phones was used in various police shootings. Things are getting serious, away is the time of innocence when only cute pets were the subject of attention.

More, these days you start to hear buzz words like “big data”, “cloud”, “machine learning”, “artificial intelligence”, etc. All those new technologies are wonders and can help everyone if used right or lead to something I coined as “Informageddon” if not. The key for all those systems is the ability of the system to differentiate between fact and fiction and maybe later weed out the BS. At this moment in time, they can’t and that can lead to miss use and abuse.


By now you must have seen already a bunch of sequences in movies where low resolution images are first shown only to give the lead character in the movie the chance to say “enhance”. An so, we are brainwashed to think that we can create information out of nothing! Yes that is exactly what “enhance” is. Let’s make it clear, if a sensor measures some parameter with a given precision then there is no way you can retrieve the missing information other than by using interpolation, which is a mathematical way to guess. But guessing is guessing and when you “enhance” you must be aware that you are mixing fiction (the interpolated info) with facts (the actual data). The resulting info is not factual any more! The same issue is when the sensor measurements overflows or measuring overlapped output of multiple activities.

What can we do about it?

The same technology which generates the issue, can if used fix it and backed by the existing digital cryptography technology and the force multiple devices on public networks can help differentiate the fact from fiction.

Why to do all this anyway? What is so bad what can happen to me?

Imagine the scenario where someone posts a picture or movie of you taking part of a criminal activity. Without a way to verify the authenticity of the information the authorities will at least need to contact you and you’ll have to spend some time explaining and trying to defend yourself. Even if you can prove the picture was “doctored” or edited by other means you still had to waste some of your time (and lots of money) as well as the officers who were mislead in the first place. This scenario is more and more plausible and if you are a public figure part of an election process or in a position of power then it is more probable you may experience this type of issue. However, all of us can be impacted sooner or later and that should be enough to worry you.

You may say, well its simple I don’t need special apps I can simply choose to live offline to stop using those dreadful devices and it will all go away. Unfortunately this will not work unless you’ll start living under a rock, literally. If you stop using the technology the others around you will most likely not and you can be a target without even knowing it! How is that going to save you? The only solution is to understand the dangers posed by technology,use it correctly and in your advantage.

The solution or… How can it be done.

The bits and pieces required to solve this issue already exists. The cryptographic technologies notable, the so called “public key cryptography”, the existing armada of smart phones and the newly emerging cloud solutions are the very components we can use to finally give ourselves the gift of distinguishing fact from fiction.

Of course, things are slightly more complex (as usual) but there is no “show stopper” here. We just need to get down to business and create the actual systems. How would this “look and feel” for the regular (non IT literate person). As with any other case you’ll need to download an app into your phone for regular usage or buy some small box you plug it in your phone or your home network for a “rock solid” secure case. Then you enable and keep all your phone sensors working, or have a more “power smart” way to select what sensors are used when. The phone will record and keep the sensor info secure (encryption) “distillate” chunks of it based on well defined time intervals and “share” the distilled information with other phones which so will “witness” it (your data/facts). The cloud can “save” all this info for later use all under your “key” to keep the privacy strong.

Then when someone will claim you were in a bad place or a bad company, or you simply wish to send some pictures or movies to a group of friends or the media they can now verify if the info you sent is fact or fiction (you changed it, or someone else did without your consent).

Since you save the information in the cloud and keep it there forever. You can come back to it and prove your innocence even after you are no more! However this info can be used by yourself for many other proposes than avoid prosecution.

The experimentalists scientists will now have a tool which can be used to validate experimental data as it too can be subject of “doctoring”.

What if someone gets a hold on your stuff from the cloud? How secure is this?

By using strong encryption and strong encryption key management you will always be in control of who can access your information. By using this technology in fact you are safer than if you don’t use it as unprotected information can be changed and you can’t prove it.

Unreliable media!

Hmm… Media, we really have no clue what to believe these days. One thing is clear, media is a business and for any business the first pillar is to maximize its profit. If you think otherwise you should take a hard look at your thinking cause is, well… flawed. So, any business, in order to survive and even more to thrive must truly understand its market its customers. With media, that is, what you are looking to hear or see. Unfortunately most of us are biased towards bad, hype, buzz, abuse, and yes fear. We simply choose to be “informed” more about what can hurt us than what can help us, we tend to watch the half empty than the half full and yes media MUST give you what you are most likely to consume. Are you still surprised that WE ALL ARE THE REASON all this crap hits us everyday?

When people are asked want they wish from media almost all of us say we want FACTS! Unfortunately, there was no reliable way to distinguish between fact fiction and BS, until now…

The future of the media is clearly split in two main roles, first as an information of any kind collector second as processor and distributor. Nothing new you’ll say they already do that. Yes they did but the way the information is acquired has changed. The media can’t control (good thing) the collection or production of information. These days you can “Google” or use other search engines (smart thing to do) to find almost anything. The media these days has the problem of information overload and and on top of that our ability to distinguish between fact fiction and BS is on a historical low.

So, the solution I’m proposing will give you the solid foundation for finding and proving facts. This is a fundamental ability which media can use to build its analysis on and generate predictions based on simulations of the potential future paths for all of us. When this happens we will at least be able to separate the fact from fiction and eventually decide when that fiction gets to close to the stink of BS and discard it.

Even more important our abilities to process vast amount of information will improve by starting to use the “Cloud” and “Big Data” abilities which all big information technology players in the market are starting to make it available for use.


The future is bright!

If we will be able to distinguish fact from fiction, we can accomplish a lot and make big steps towards a global democracy. The issue is that the democracy only works when we all are able to listen, understand and appreciate each others distinct abilities, when we all nourish our differences as global strengths and not as weakness.

In order to do so we need to master the “many-to-many” type of communication. If you think of a scheme which classifies communication based on volume we can identify four classes of communication “one-to-one“, “one-to-many“, “many-to-one” and “many-to-many“. We think we mastered the “one-to-one” kind yet when we look at the aftermath of many of ours one-to-one discussions we realize we are at best mediocre in how much information are we able to receive and understand or verbalize and transmit. We toy around with “one-to-many” in media and I say “toy” as we now know that most of us do not trust media any more. That is a monumental failure of our ability to handle the  “one-to-many” type of communication. The “many-to-one” is even more questionable as the main use of this pattern is elections, pooling and “en mass” espionage. When it comes to “many-to-many” we are really loosing it for good. There is not even “a thing” in most minds let aside to try tackle it. Yet this is the only way we can become “something rather than nothing” at the cosmic and universal scale. You may think this is not important but somehow down there in your soul you know it is the most important thing you’ll ever be part of.

The future is bright!

… only if you stop chasing BS and give facts and fiction their right places in your mind…

Just For Fun!

John Oliver: Last Week Tonight on Scientific studies..

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Lies Are the New Truth (HBO)…

BS definition from Wikipedia

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The original post had the mistaken title “Fake, Fiction and BS”, the browser editor “auto correct function” and my temporary stupid state made it possible. I fixed the title, though the signed version still has the original mistake, as it is a fact now! 🙂 …

What it takes to be a leader…

Today my wife and I watched on YouTube the presentation from Simon Sinek about leadership (see bellow).

I found it very well thought and wanted to share it as it resonate with a lot of my own convictions in this area.

This presentation will help one to discriminate between “boss” or “manager” and Leader.

Funny but one can be a boss without being a leader. This realization surprised me and I was finally able to understand those wired feeling I had in the past when dealing with some of my former bosses.

Nigeria’s hurt is everyones problem

Its all over the news. More than three weeks ago in Nigeria around 300 girls were kidnapped from their school by people opposing women education. This may seem to be “out there” not in our vicinity so its just some news, it will pass.

The problem is this is not true, not any more, now we know and we have to do something about it. Question is what? Of course some people using some expensive gear will risk their lives to try to bring all those innocent souls back to their families. Then what? We all live happily… until next time. Because if we don’t do anything to understand the real reasons behind this event it is guaranteed that other of the same or equivalent events will happen again.

I believe everyone has its right to believe whatever they want, as much time as they don’t mess with the access to information and education of every single one of us, no matter where or who we are.

I hope all those souls will get back to their loved ones soon, but the work to disseminate knowledge, the type of knowledge which will set us free must start now.

Keep in mind that we produce a lot of information, but not all of it is knowledge and most of it will keep you chained to one narrow concept or another and that is not freedom.

“Freedom is not free!”

Info on the kidnapping

The Global Mind of the future

Does groups of living entities form minds of their own?
And if so, how do they manifest and interact with us and can they be considered parts of our society?

In the last years, I come to think more and more about social interaction seeking to better understand them and find a better social model.

Few billions cells are the constituents of our own bodies. They generate entities we identify as “mind” or “consciousness”. If we extend this concept then any groups of people will generate “wrapping” minds of their own inheriting the common features of the underlying minds of the group’s individuals.

Those minds seem to behave as new live entities which are born live an die.

You can picture better in your mind this phenomena by watching this funny animation from “Finding Nemo”.
Of course this is an exaggeration we all know but it works like an magnifier of the central idea.

You can also visualize it if you think of the various groups people form, a line at the bus or ticket booth, a demonstration in the street, and probably most notably sport fans.
Those groups form themselves when the conditions are right have a life then sooner or later disassociate themselves and die.

This means that when there are two living entities, they will generate a third entity, a common mind inheriting their common thinking in a fully unconscious process (most of the time).


When there are three living entities in a group, we can identify one “mind” of the whole group but as well all the smaller groups in all possible combinations which will account for 4 four new entities in that group. So a group of 3 (three) entities will in fact account for 2^3-1=7 (seven) minds!


Interesting is that those new minds tend to interact as they would be “real people” and introduce new variables in the social systems, hence increasing their complexity. The group mind abilities, are highly dependent on the number and the abilities, of the real minds in the group. For small groups this may account for very little and this explains why usually their existence pass unobserved.

This observation, could give more insight in the “crowd” behaviour, and the new “occupied” movements are interesting places to look for examples of “mind wrappers”.

I found fascinating this video about the crowd behaviour at G20 in Toronto 2012:

This interview hit me with the idea, that maybe, just maybe, at G20/Toronto/2012 what happened between some of the demonstrator groups and the police groups, could have been the result of group mind behaviour and not necessary a well planned and carried set of activities, from both police and citizens of Toronto. I have no way to validate this, but based on the observations I’ve made so far, could a real possibility.

One hint about the groups and their interaction, come to me from the brilliant scene in the movie “A beautiful mind”, where Jon Nash find his inspiration and creates a new break trough in the “Governing dynamics/Game Theory”. In few words his theory can be synthesized:

The best results come when everyone in a group does what’s best for himself and the group”

This theory, is known as the “Nash Equilibrium”, and brought a Nobel Prize to John Nash.

However, if we think of the groups as individuals, then it seem that Adam Smith was also right when he postulated that:

“The best results come when everyone in a group does what’s best for himself”

if we include the group generated minds as supplemental group entities.

This could mean that both Nash and Smith are right. They simply look at the same problem from different angles.

It is also of a paramount importance to understand that “equilibrium” or “balance” does not imply simple equality but a multidimensional balanced relationship. I have personally lived trough a society where “All people are equal”, was promoted each day, but we all learned, that in fact, “some were more equal than others”, and in the end, that group simply vanished in a revolution. My feeling is that when all entities or minds in a group, including the “wrapper minds”, treat each other with respect, and spend time to understand each other, the whole group have a much better chance to survive, and even more important, to thrive .

What would all this have to do with our day by day life? It sounds like a clever contraption of the mind, but now what?

My point is that, we are now stepping in a new era where the information is produced, shared, stored and accessed at an unprecedented rate. Social networks like FaceBook, Tweeter, Tumblr, Google+, etc are part of this new era and when connected with new and powerful ways to mine all this information by using the new ways we call “BigData” (BigDataUniversity) or like IBM’s Watson the group behaviour will be harder and harder to ignore.

This leads to an interesting questions. How do we get aware of group entities and how do we communicate with them? And the last and maybe the most important of them all: Are we aware of our common planetary level generated mind? If we do will it be important for the future to be able to communicate with it?

Maybe the idea exposed in the movie “Avatar” is not so far fetched after all.

Pretty crazy idea? Maybe not…

I’m preparing a number of new articles dedicated to the communication theory and practical use.

Stay tuned …


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